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We Build & Manage your Website

So you can Focus on your Business

Just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean you can build a house. In the same way just because you have a webpage builder doesnt mean you can build a great website.

So how do we build that Great Website

We start by registering your domain name and supplying world-class hosting

What is a Domain Name? That is your .com or .ca or any of 400+ different top level domains  – it is how your website is found and accessed. So it’s super-important.

Hosting is a service that makes possible access to your website via the World Wide Web. Your hosting service has to be fast and reliable. We use Digital Ocean – a recognized world-class host. Google their name for reviews.

Then we have a talk to determine what you want your website to accomplish

We divide websites into 3 categories. Flyer, Brochure, and Catalog. Think of these like you would their “real-world”  paper equivalents. A flyer is a one-page site with basic information about your business. The brochure site is up to 5 pages in size and contains more in-depth information about products and services you provide.  The Catalog site is much larger and contains many products and may include the ability to buy online (e-commerce)

Choose YOUR PLAN ...


About our Website Plans


$ 49 Monthly
  • We Build your Site (1 page)
  • Monthly Maintenance (security, SEO, updates)
  • Monthly Report NOT INCLUDED
  • Site Hosting included with DigitalOcean
  • Domain Registration & Renewal (.com & .ca only)
  • E-Commerce NOT INCLUDED


$ 69 Monthly
  • We Build your Site (1-5 pages)
  • Monthly Maintenance (security, SEO, updates)
  • Monthly Report INCLUDED
  • Site Hosting included with DigitalOcean
  • Domain Registration & Renewal
  • E-Commerce (up to 10 items)
Best Value


$ 99 Monthly
  • We Build your Site (up to 20 pages)
  • Monthly Maintenance (security, SEO, updates)
  • Monthly Report (INCLUDED)
  • Site Hosting included with DigitalOcean
  • Domain Registration & Renewal
  • E-Commerce (up to 100 items)

Our Flyer Plan is an introductory website for smaller businesses and starter businesses where budget is important and the business needs only a basic web presence. This is ideally suited for freelancers and jobbers as well as businesses that have only one or two offerings. Essentially think of this type of website as the same as the “real-world” paper equivalent of a flyer. One sheet of paper with the company offering as well as contact information. Basically this is the same but on the web. The cost is $49 per month all inclusive on an ongoing basis.

Typically this website will include a menu across the top with fast-scroll links down to each section.  Your Flyer Plan website is one long page including a top section called a ‘hero’ that uses a background photo with your company’s primary message centered on top of the image. There will be sections for ‘About Us’, ‘Products & Services’, ‘Testimonials’, ‘Staff/Team’  and ‘Contact Us’, which may include a Google Map and a Contact Form. The contact form will be basic and simply provide a general means of communication.

While we do provide Security, SEO and Speed Optimization for this Plan, monthly reports are not included. Domain registrations are included but are limited to .com and .ca domains only.

The Brochure Plan takes your website that much further and is intended for businesses that are more mature and have developed more – essentially businesses that have more to say. A Brochure site is modeled after its “real-world” equivalent and is up to 5 pages of content. A Brochure Plan website will include all the sections mentioned in the Flyer Plan but generally they will have a more developed message by now and in some cases may have their own page. Additionally more space will be devoted to a full description of products and services and the extra pages may be used for that purpose. Brochure Plan sites will have more scope for added functionality and may include the installation of specialized plugins to perform functions that your business may require including limited e-commerce. Contact Forms etc will have more functionality as well and can be configured to charge and take payments for various products or services.

The costs associated with a Brochure Plan site are $69 per month on an ongoing basis. Management includes Security,  SEO and Speed Optimization including monthly reports. Domain registrations are available for a wider range of TLDs (top level domains) such as .net, .biz, .org, .online, .io etc. There are over 400 boutique TLDs available and most are available in this category.

Brochure Plan websites usually include a blog so that you can quickly and easily post messages to your clients and to the world.

The Catalog Plan is designed for businesses that have a full range of products to sell. Like their “real-world” equivalent, catalog sites promote the sale of a range of products and in many cases will offer online purchase (e-commerce) and an e-commerce solution is included in these plans (usually woocommerce). Additionally most types of additional functionality can be added eg: real estate sites require this plan so that they can access the real estate association servers nightly and download and store all the new listings. This type of functionality is included but in some cases will require third-party plugins, many which require the payment of yearly fees (not included in the price quoted here).

Catalog Plan sites are usually up to 20 pages and products are categorized on these pages based on product category or type.  We include the management of up to 100 products on a catalog site offered for e-sale. Our Catalog Plan can be purchased for $99 per month on an ongoing basis .

Management of a Catalog Plan site includes Security, SEO, Speed Optimization as well as monthly reports and product and price updates. Catalog Plan websites usually include a  blog to make it easy for you to post messages to your clients and the world.

Then we start to build your site

Section by section we will construct the site for you – you will be able to login and view the process. As we work on each new section we will ask for your content (what you want to say) and you will be able to approve each section as it is built. In this way there are no surprises at the end. You know all along what you are getting. You are part of the design process – while leaving the heavy-lifting to us.

Building Your Website is Only the Beginning

Did you know that 30,000 websites per day are hacked. That’s true! We ensure yours is not in that number. Did you know that a Google ranking factor is how fast your site loads and that it is mobile-friendly. We do! and we keep you fast and mobile. We send you a report each month to help you know where you stand. We manage your site – so you don’t have to. However you have complete administrative access to your site to add or change content as necessary.




Completely Turnkey – Nothing  Else to Buy – Everything included

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